Dreamweaver, Muse, WordPress & XD

adobe-training-toronto-canada & Adobe XD

What is this lot then? With Adobe Muse you can make a website without writing any code. Then learn some really basic editing in Dreamweaver and finally understand WordPress (easier than you think) and you’re good to go. XD is new (2018) but worth a look. 

Make punchy, interactive websites, from scratch or from a WordPress template. Discover what’s best for you by learning both.

Want to learn web design without coding? This is the course for you.

What should I expect from this course? DREAMWEAVER, MUSE, XD & WORDPRESS
You may have never used Dreamweaver or Muse (become proficient) or you may know it quite well (become an expert), this course is for you and you only. Covering everything you need through projects relevant to what you do (or will be doing soon). It also covers Adobe Muse (the answer for people who don’t want to touch code, but do want their websites to work and look goof). Also there is a good chunk focused on the amazing time-saver; WordPress. Also, the new Adobe XD (web and GUI’s).  It can be booked for any dates, subject to availability. It can even take place at your home or office in Toronto.

Ask for the course notes when contacting us to learn more.

$990+HST ↓ Course Prices & Info (PDF)