Job 1 (of 2) April 8th update: Still taking applications. Closing soon. – 20 Stewart St, Toronto. Always in-store, never remote.
This business, owned and run by Vinney and freelance instructors

We are looking for an Adobe Training Instructor
(Freelance, 2-6 days a month, $250 per day)

Essential: Mac hero. Knows at least two Adobe Software Products listed on this site, fluently. A background as a graphic designer with a proven portfolio of work. Obviously with their own domain name and not! The ABILITY to teach (experience not necessary but helpful). All of this will be tested thoroughly of course. You’re great fun and very patient.

Bonus: You drive (so can get to clients off-site occasionally). You adapt, a lot, depending who you are teaching.

Note: This is a fun job if you have fun with new people and ask them loads of questions, and a disaster if not.

A great job in a great facility – patience needed if you get a client that is new to it all

Steve – Freelance Instructor

Job 2 (of 2) April 8th update: No longer taking applications. Closed. Applicants will be notified soon. – 20 Stewart St, Toronto. Always in-store, never remote.

Another business in the same location, owned and run by Vinney and Sam

Photoshop retoucher & customer service person

(Freelance, at least one day a week, 2:30pm – 7pm, $20 per hour)

You will run the store ALONE, after training, at least one day a week.

Essential: Mac hero. On-time (you live less than an hour away), hyper-organized (I’m not just saying that, that’s the most important thing of all), Adobe Photoshop expert, Adobe Illustrator experience, chatty & friendly with customers but happy to work nearly-always alone (in the shop on your own, with no one else – this doesn’t suit everyone).

Bonus: You have stretched canvas prints before, you drive (for occasional deliveries).

Note: Would suit a freelance graphic designer/photographer that would like to always know that there’s always 1 day a week in our store, every week (minimum). More hours when shop is busy or covering Sam’s vacation.

Excellent job if you have an eye for detail and you are super-organized. Making big canvas prints and seeing genuinely over-the-moon customers picking up their work is really pleasing.

Sam – Currently doing most of the work in the shop

Apply for either (or both) jobs by sending your resume (not as a word doc, this is a graphic design job!) to addressed to me, Vinney. Tell me something interesting about you in a short cover letter. No “Dear hiring manager, it has come to my attention…” kind of stuff, we are a very small company and we don’t like generic waffle.

Thanks for your time – Vinney, Owner & Instructor.