Most Adobe training courses are 2 days in length

Covid-19 note about planning a course: We’re doing some courses here in the deep-cleaned studio, and doing a whole bunch of them online for the first time. Don’t pay much attention to the calendar below right now, just email us your phone number using the contact form, and we will call you to see how we can help. Maybe it’s a one day course via Zoom, maybe it’s a two day course later in Spring/Summer. If you feel good, now is a good time to learn.

Read these 3 points before you check the calendar below:

• All courses are one-to-one (or more people, from one organization).
• All courses are two days in length (ideally two days in a row).
• Below you will notice lots of “Unavailable (training clients)”. We are often booked a month+ in advance.
Not marked? Should be good to go. Email us with the dates you want.


Once you have your preferred dates, email us or call us and here’s what happens:

  1. We email you an invoice with course details
  2. You pay online (all credit cards, Paypal, Interac transfers)
  3. We send you confirmation of your course and a receipt. Refund given if you cancel course (check terms on invoice).
  4. You arrive on the day, we make you coffee, give you water, we have a chat about what you need, we give you a reassuring go-gettem, show you to the machine (you will use it exclusively) then we get creative!