Most Adobe training courses are 2 days in length

Covid-19 note about planning a course: We’re teaching courses here in downtown Toronto in our daily-cleaned studio, they’re one on one as always. We tried online courses and they’re just not the same. Let’s learn.

• All courses are one-to-one (or more people, from one organization).
• All courses are two days in length (ideally two days in a row).
• Below you will notice lots of “Unavailable (training clients)”. We are often booked a month+ in advance.
Not marked? Should be good to go. Email us with the dates you want.


Once you have your preferred dates, email us or call us and here’s what happens:

  1. We email you an invoice with course details
  2. You pay online (all credit cards, Paypal, Interac transfers)
  3. We send you confirmation of your course and a receipt. Refund given if you cancel course (check terms on invoice).
  4. You arrive on the day, we make you coffee, give you water, we have a chat about what you need, we give you a reassuring go-gettem, show you to the machine (you will use it exclusively) then we get creative!