Which course is right for me?

Don’t get too stressed about which course you need. We mix and match to suit your needs exactly. Particular project you need done? We will do it with you, and teach you as we go. Then you repeat – show us your new skills, ask questions when you stumble. That said, here’s a rough guide…

I am interested in becoming a PAGE-LAYOUT GURU
…then you need the Adobe InDesign course (it includes some Photoshop and some Illustrator)

I am interested in becoming an IMAGE GURU possibly (up to you) with the ability to design websites too. 
…then you need the Adobe Photoshop course (it includes some Illustrator) and an overview of WordPress (if needed). 

I am interested in becoming a GRAPHIC GURU
…then you need the Adobe Illustrator course (includes some Photoshop)

I am interested in becoming a VIDEO GURU 
…then you need an Adobe Premiere course (this includes a good chunk of Adobe After Effects too)

Book a second course, get 10% off that course and every course thereafter