Adobe Photoshop Training Courses Toronto

What is Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard in image manipulation software.

Learn to edit & modify digital images using the painting and editing tools in Adobe Photoshop. Retouch, add layers and text, colour correct, apply filters, crop, warp, twist and play – be in complete control of all your images and learn about printing specifications and web use. To be honest, that’s just the start. 

What should I expect from this course? 

This Photoshop course (also known as The Image Guru Course) is mind-blowing (in a good way) because, well, Photoshop is. It’s a 2 day course (Dates to suit you; one-on-one training). You may have never used Photoshop (become proficient) or you may know it quite well (become an expert), this course is for you and you only (well, unless you want to bring a colleague or two as well). Covering everything you need through projects relevant to what you do (or will be doing soon in your workplace). It can be booked for any dates, subject to availability. It can even take place at your home or office in Toronto. 

Ask for a phone-call from us and let’s chat about what you might need.

$1190+HST  Download Price information

Photoshop course notes (↓ Download PDF)